Novascan is real-time in vivo point of touch cancer detection.

Novascan is the first and only company to identify a single parameter, the Cole Relaxation Frequency, that is several orders of magnitude different for cancerous and noncancerous tissue.

Cells hold an electrical charge and as cancer develops, begin to leak that charge.

The CRF system Novascan can detect that leakage and convert it from an analogue to digital signal that can be analyzed quantitatively.

The software has been proven in various clinical studies to read a certain number that is associated not only with the aggressive nature of the cancer, but the potential for recurrence.

Novascan Detection Electrodes

The Novascan detection electrodes can be fabricated to less than 1mm in size and can be outfitted on a variety of endoscopy tools such as a needle (EUS), biopsy forceps (ERCP), or the tip of any endoscope.

NovaScan’s Leadership

NovaScan’s leadership believes that improving the detection and stratification of cancer – be it in initial detection of cancer, during a procedure, or in post-procedural pathology – can improve patient outcomes, increase physician economics, and reduce the cost of care.