NovaScan Lung Studies Published in a Leading Peer Reviewed Journal

Mar 1, 2022 | News

NovaScan, a clinical-stage oncology company based in Chicago and Milwaukee, recently had its publication titled “The Cole Relaxation Frequency as a Parameter to Identify Cancer in Lung Tissue: Preliminary Animal and ex vivo Patient Studies” accepted in the highly regarded peer-reviewed journal, JMIR Biomedical Engineering.

During this study, NovaScan demonstrated that the Cole Relaxation Frequency correlates strongly with the presence of cancer in lung tissue and in lymph nodes. NovaScan also demonstrated that the Cole frequency can be detected in lung tumors under perfusion, and under simulated breathing. Finally, NovaScan demonstrated that the Cole frequency can be measured when the electrodes are far away from the impedance bridge, opening up possibilities in minimally invasive surgery.

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